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Mission statement

Fifth is a project to develop a programming language and a reference compiler for the language. The goals in the design of the language are to create a language which is functional (also known as applicative) and uses a exclusively postfix (or RPN) notation. The language takes much of its syntax from forth but also features ideas from ML and lisp, and support for functions as first-class objects. These are the key areas that will make fifth different from other languages.

The compiler will be design in multiple-passes each of which will be modularised so that it may be re-used in future projects such as interpreters.

The projects will be implemeted on a GNU/Linux software platform using GCC 2.95 and GCC 3.0. The primary development hardware will be i386 (and compatible) with i386 assembly language (GNU/AT&T syntax) produced by the compiler, although in the future other assembly languages may be supported.

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